How Ride-Share Drivers Should Handle Passengers with Service Animals

Here at Spotless First we talk to drivers every day of the week.  This month drivers have expressed concern about passengers with service animals.  Concerns are related to the possible messes these service animals might leave behind.

Chances are the service animal or guide dog won’t leave a mess significant enough to negatively affect your next passenger and your overall rating.  If the weather or street conditions are not favorable in your area we suggest keeping a blanket or seat cover in your trunk . A bottle of Ozium spray ( always comes in handy in case the dog smells up your car.

If you have a documented allergy; before letting the passenger and their pet into the car explain to them that you have allergies and are unable to transport their animal. Go ahead and cancel the ride request and notify you’re platform appropriately.

Remember not accepting passengers with service animals is a violation of California law, therefore you must have a documented medical condition preventing you from accepting service animals in your car. We also strongly suggest you notify your ride share company of this medical condition to prevent misunderstandings in the future. If you do not have medical condition or medical records showing you have dog allergies, then we recommend accepting service animals in compliance with your platforms policies.

If a service animal leaves a large mess (e.g. hair, slobber, mud / dirt or worse), do the same thing you would do if a passenger spilled their latte or vomits in your car: take a deep breath, count to 10, remember these are all reimbursable messes and call Spotless First so we can take care of the mess at no cost to you. We will get you back to work ASAP.

Dogs will be dogs, clumsy coffee drinkers will always be clumsy and party animals will be party animals.  Don’t waste time worrying about them.  Do your part, give them all great service and let us handle the messes they leave behind.

Be safe out there!!