How to Guarantee your Ride-Share Pays your Cleaning Fee

By February 1, 2016Uncategorized

Here at Spotless First we focus on providing professional, sanitary solutions for late night vomit emergencies or more elegantly put “passenger messes.” We have effectively mastered the ability to get rideshare drivers back on the road in less then an hour from the call, and we have never failed to get the driver reimbursed for our services, when the driver followed the process mentioned below:

1. Immediately submit photos of the incident to your ride-share.

2. Provide your ride-share with any information you have about ride itself as well as the rider and/or person who made the mess.

3. Submit a photo of a cleaning receipt as proof of cleaning service.

The 3rd part is the arguably the most crucial part to getting reimbursed for a passenger mess situation in full, as Uber/Lyft are paying you back for professionally cleaning your car, not the time you’re missing from working.

Here at Spotless First, we focus on killing the bacteria and odor, short term and long term, as well as any stains that come from vomit situations.  We don’t consider the job done until the odor is gone forever! Our service will leave your car clean and smelling fresh again so you can get back on the road without any reimbursement hiccups or surprises.

Our experienced staff understands these situations well and we will let you know prior to our service if we don’t think it is reimbursable.

One driver left us this comment, after we cleaned his car:

“Passenger just let me know how good my car smelled.  I let her know that someone projectile vomited where she was sitting 30 minutes ago.”